Segmented Flow Analyzer

Ideal for laboratories requiring high throughput, high reproducibility and low detection limits, SEAL’s segmented flow analyzers (SFA) are state of the art nutrient analyzers. Systems are customizable to fit all workloads and method needs. Perfectly suited for standard chemistries as well as inline sample preparation including dialysis and UV digestion. Featuring Innovative & Intelligent Technologies: New, all-in-one housing design is both compact and modular True automatic startup and shutdown with pump platen engage and release Automatic standard preparation and auto dilution Ultra-low detection limits Multi-test manifolds for different nutrients with no hardware changes Easy reagent management with auto level sensing.


QuAAtro39 AutoAnalyzer

QuAAtro39 uses microflow hydraulics, enabling high sample rates with low sample and reagent consumption.


SEAL AA500 AutoAnalyzer

AA500 – the world’s best AutoAnalyzer has evolved. Now featuring full software control including automatic startup and complete automatic shutdown.


SEAL AutoAnalyzer AA100

The AA100 is designed to be a sleek system that is reliable and simple to use