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Dublin Analytical Instruments Ltd

We have since 1989, specialised in Automated Analytical Systems which provide efficient & cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of Environmental, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratories throughout Ireland.
We are experts in Soil and Water Analysis

Company Profile

Dublin Analytical Instruments Ltd. is a 100% Irish owned company providing products and services to customers in Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Animal Feeds, Manufacturing Industries, Local Authorities, County Councils, State Agencies and Contract Testing Laboratories. Dublin Analytical Instruments Ltd was established in 1989, since then the company has become a leading supplier of Energy Dissipative XRF analysers, Flow Injection Analysers, Nano-particle Size & Shape analysers, Fully Automated and unattended TOC, TIC, TC, TN, TP, COD, BOD, Nitrate, Nitrite, Surfactants and Ammonia analysers as well as a complete range of pH, Conductivity and Ion Selective Meters and Electrodes, Our product’s brands are known throughout the world for their ultimate performance, unmatched reliability and high precision. We are committed to helping our customers meet regulatory requirements, achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies, advance scientific research, optimise product development and quality control. Our laboratory solutions provide results that are fast, reliable and precise.


Our vision is to provide the latest, advanced and trusted products, consumables and services to customers who require innovation, precision and reliability. Dublin Analytical Instruments Ltd achieves this vision by utilising established Leadership Values to which all Employees adhere. These are: Customer Commitment – Strives to exceed customer expectations, Acts on customers changing needs Innovation – Continuous improvement Performance – Consistently meet goals Integrity and Ethics – Unquestionable principles and behaviour Vision and Purpose – Clear, sound and well communicated strategies Teamwork – Unfailing commitment, boundary less behaviour Personal Development – Promoting learning Bias for Action – Speed, sense of urgency

Dublin Analytical

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Quality Policy Statement

Dublin Analytical Instruments specialises in automated Analytical Systems which provide efficient & cost-effective solutions to the needs of Environmental, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Research Laboratories and Educational Institutions throughout Ireland.

Customer satisfaction is key to the continued success of Dublin Analytical. To achieve customer satisfaction, we provide our customers with products and service that fully meet with their requirements.

Dublin Analytical senior management have committed to fully complying with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001 which is used to continually improve its quality management system. More specifically we will:


  • Strive for excellence in all our internal operations, and effectively communicate our goals to all staff
  • Ensure that all staff receive relevant training to ensure that they can fully comply with QMS requirements
  • Communicate with our customers in order to satisfy their expectations
  • Review and continually improve our performance and processes on an ongoing basis
  • Promote continual improvement by establishing and regularly reviewing quality objectives
  • Deal positively and effectively in all external relationships with customers, suppliers and supporting bodies
  • Comply with all legal and statutory requirements, continually monitoring and striving to improve business practices having an impact on quality
  • Hold regular Management review meetings to ensure suitability and effectiveness of the quality system, this policy and the monitors used for measurement


Dublin Analytical will ensure that all staff have the knowledge, skills, resources and authority to fully implement this policy