Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Chlorine Analyzer (CNSX)

Laboratories looking for reliable elemental analysis solutions for carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, and chlorine (C, N, S, X) find in our multi EA 5100 one of the most advanced and flexible analyzers in this field. Its sister device, the multi EA 4000, enables the determination of TOC/TIC, EC/RC, and BOC in solids.

Completing the combustion elemental analysis portfolio is the compEAct, a high-throughput, easy-to-use sulfur and nitrogen analyzer that can operate 24/7. An extensive range of accessories allows further customization of all devices to individual application requirements.


CompEAct Series

Choose the EAsy Way
Reliable analysis of sulfur and nitrogen
Maximum sample throughput for higher efficiency


multi EA 4000 Series

The Workhorse for Your Solids Analysis
Unique application diversity (TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC, AOC)


multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis

Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device
Unparalleled application variety without the need for time-consuming device modification