Discrete Analyzer

A SEAL Discrete nutrient analyzer completely automates your manual wet chemistry methods, mimicking the operation of a laboratory chemist and adding the ability to measure multiple analytes simultaneously. With true walk away operation including automatic standard preparation, automatic preand post-dilution and automatic spiking capabilities, a SEAL discrete analyzer is ideal for laboratories requiring high levels of automation and a wide range of chemistries.

EPA recommended 100% optical quality glass cuvette used for precise absorbance measurement
Robust detection system utilizes a stationary measurement cell
Standard 1cm path length. Optional longer path length.
Reagent wedges with on-board cooling
Very low reagent consumption – 10ul – 400ul reagent per test
Built in Reagent Level Sensor – verifies reagent volume
Reagent expiration date tracked through software
Low cost, disposable wells used for each discrete reaction
Constant heating and programmable reaction time ensure reaction reaches completion
Integrated automated cadmium coil reduction for nitrate/nitrite determination
In situ coil regeneration is full automated through the software
Flexible software – QCProTM Data Quality Assurance System.

*Not all features are available in all models

AQ400 Discrete Analyzer

True unattended operation – including ability to run overnight


AQ300 Discrete Analyzer

True unattended operation – including ability to run overnight
Unique probe washer for cleaning sample probe


AQ700 Discrete Analyzer

The AQ700 gives you: True unattended operation with the ability to run overnight