Ganimede N

Ganimede N

“The Ganimede system consists of three components: the sample changer, the control unit and the analysis units. The analysis unit with integrated digestion is optionally available for the determination of ortho and total phosphate or for the determination of total nitrogen (TNb).

High quality, easy to handle Ganichem reagents can be used for up to 100 determinations.

• Integrated and quick digestion
• Results in minutes
• Reliable, ISO and EN conform measurement results
• Ready-to-use reagents
• Portable control unit
• Simple handling”

The analysis unit with integrated high temperature digestion of Nitrogen
Analysis Unit with integrated digestion. For serial laboratory analysis of total nitrogen, range 0.5 – 150 mg/L TNb.

The integrated high temperature digester, with fast cooling feature, delivers precise and quick results. Even complex nitrogen compounds are completely digested and processed in minutes; analogous to ISO 11905-1 (nitrogen).

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